Danielle, of Peaslovencarrots fame, spends the afternoon with me at the restaurant where we get to eat and laugh and eat more and talk about family,  social media, and people who are angry at carbs.


You can follow Danielle on Instagram (though it’s hard to imagine that there is someone left who isn’t following her!).

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Danielle wasn’t certain about the geographic locations of Ottawa and Vancouver. As a proud Canadian, I am happy to offer up this map.

Danielle was also astonished at my limited knowledge of the worlds of New York and New Jersey so I offer up this map as well.

Also, true confession: I legit didn’t know the difference between a snood and a tichel so I got schooled today.


Tichel on the left. Snood on the right.



Also, make sure you check out Nuriel! They’re performing at the bakery on February 14th. You can get your tickets here.